Go-Kart Racing


Stocky’s has an oval slick track that is optimized for speed and thrills. For each run purchased, you will have 10 laps to get your best time. The times of each person in your run will show on the scoreboard. Have fun trying to out-drive your friends. BEST TIME WINS!



Stocky’s has 14 Go-Karts with 2 available speeds. Whether it’s your first or 100th race, you will have a great time in the indoor Go-Kart arena. Bring along your children of all ages. Stocky’s even has a two seat Go-Kart.  so your little ones can enjoy racing around.


Waiver and Release

 Stocky's Waiver and Release

Click image to view and print, or you may sign the waiver at the track. It MUST be signed by all riders.



* Prices subject to change without notice
Each race is approximately 10 laps depending on the racer’s skill!